counsil galactic central

         an inter galactic organization

when there were not even animals .... on this world ....
we were already >

the first and only
homo sapiens represented in this universe !
and since then .... we have made countless worlds habitable for humans
preventing the self destructive competition > each animal race is thriving on .......

through the power of our conviction ....... we are the highest authority in the universe !
since no individual ..... no nation .... not even a whole galaxy will sway us into being evil
nor tolerating evil with in our environments !

there while supporting any higher form of existence .......
since this is the first requirement for eternal life !

for the activities in your local galaxy see >
starting off as the reginal body ..... guiding development in this galaxy .......

we have been evolving out of a space ship crew ....
on a planet in some distant galaxy eons ago
having propagated our homo sapiens way of life
ever since into one more galaxy ......

galactic central history

acting as an over all governing body ..... in this universe
at the some time counseling and being counseled by
all existing nations in the universe from decaying
into barbaric entities

those the description > counsil galactic central


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